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errr so lately, i've just had enough

I noticed that almost all of my friends and almost everyone I knew from middle school are now like.... annoying, perverted (in various ways), yaoi/hentai weeaboo fags...

I haven't really mentioned this before, but anything that has to do with porn deeply depresses me. It's kinda weird, actually. I'm not sure if anyone else has this. But when I check Facebook, there are those annoying people (that I've now removed) that always share annoying ecchi anime/cosplay pictures. Super perverts. And now it deeply disturbs me that one of my best friends actually tried to watch Boku no Pico. Like seriously, if you're going to possibly get off to little kiddie porn, something is wrong with you. What's even worse is if you broadcast it to the entire Facebook to know. Like, the fuck?

Everyone has their weird interests, right? Well, these people just announce all over Facebook about them. No, I do not need to know that you read 18+ manga, for God's sake. No, I do not need you to have an entire discussion all over Facebook about the recent hentai you've watched. Seriously, there are these fucking stupid weeaboos that can't control their hormones. Why can't they just keep that stuff private? My brother bought these perverted posters and now they're all over his room. My own brother is a pervert and shows it. Someone I'm related to. Great. I can't even look into his room or his face anymore.

Probably why I don't want to watch anime either. Anime these days is just a bunch a fanservice crap. And another strange thing I have to mention, watching anime depresses me (unless it's Lucky Star, lol) for some reason. But that's another story for another journal. So yeah. I'm just pushing all these people away because they are horrid. One of my best friends spent her time visiting the 18+ panels at Anime Expo, and that's just the same as announcing to the public that you're a perverted sick rat. Imagine the people you meet at those panels. New perverted aspie anime hentai friends, exactly.

So these are the wrong people for me to be around.... they make me feel very sad and depressed. There's no way I'm ever going to be around these sick people again. Why can't I just be around normal people that post Facebook statuses about their food, their favorite bands, and recent art projects? Instead, I'm surrounded by idiot perverts that post nothing but yaoi crap. But you know, as they say, you choose who to surround yourself with... so I'm going to get rid of these people. asap
  • Mood: Sickened


United States
I go by lots of names! ^^ This dA account was made a long time ago, so yes, it is my real name... xD I was very uncreative. ~~~~~~
Real Life - Vivian Chhay (Nick: Vivi, Viv)
GaiaOnline - iSketcher
Spirit Tales - iSketcher
DDTank - iSketcher (Nick: Sket, Sketch, Sketcher)
Chao Island - ChaoIsland (Nick: CI)
GPX+ - PokemonArtist

I played an MMO called DDTank, though recently, I've quitted because I no longer enjoyed it, or the people. I have semi-quit Spirit Tales because the community is full of idiots.

In 2008, I joined the famous Chao Island site. Their forums were great, I made a lot of great friends (and I have most of them here, in deviantART!) I visited the site so much that I eventually became a moderator. But 3 years later, I lost interest in the site, and stopped visiting... I'm not part of the staff of Chao Island anymore, but it was a great experience, and it made me think that people over the internet can't be so bad after all. I do admit, I acted pretty immature on there, and I had so much rivalries... I can't believe that was me. If any of you from Chao Island are reading this, I would like to apologize.. ^^ I wish everyone there to continue having fun, and Mooncow good luck continue running the site.

2014 - Third year. I can't wait to get this crap over with.

2013 - Second year of high school. Yuuuuck! Haha.

2011 - I'm quite busy on my first year of high school, but I'm glad it's almost time for summer vacation. I post on my Twitter often, and I'm always online at Facebook. If you would like to add me, feel free to send me a note~ ^^


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Vivi... you still play Gaia?
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FALSE FRIEND: Never ask for food
REAL FRIEND: Is the reason you have no food.

FALSE FRIEND: They call your parents Mr / Ms
REAL FRIEND: They call your parents Uncle / Aunt.

FALSE FRIEND: I've seen mourn.
REAL FRIEND: Cry with you

FALSE FRIEND: You borrow something and give it back days later.
REAL FRIEND: They stay with your stuff, always forget what's yours.

FALSE FRIEND: You know some things about you.
REAL FRIEND: Could write a book about your life with direct quotes from you.

FAKE FRIEND: will leave you behind if that is what people are doing.
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FAKE FRIEND: will go and knock on the door of your house.
REAL FRIEND: walk right and say "I'm home".

FALSE FRIEND: For a while.
REAL FRIEND: For life.

FALSE FRIEND: to Speak ill of the person who spoke ill of you.
REAL FRIEND: hit the person who speak ill of you.

FAKE FRIEND: will ignore this message.
REAL FRIEND: forward this to all your true friends in the hope of recovery.
If you were killed today, I'm sorry, it would not be able to go to your funeral, because I'd be in jail for killing the person you mató.En First, I wanted to let you know that I love to death and I think you're increíbleSegundo if I do not get this back I understand.

I have a game for you. Once you finish reading this, send it to 14 people you really care about, including the person who sent him. If you receive this 7 times you know you're a real friend
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nice that your back^^ been good?
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this is my new account, i won't be snivy08 anymore.
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Hello, how's the day?
I'm currently spriting some characters (pkmn base used)[link]
I can make you a sprite if you want...
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